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How do we relate to the water, the earth, and all?

"Water is the first Medicine"

(Destiny Stonechild, Cree)


"The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth,

and was such, it is our duty to respect and take care of her"

(Rod Scout Siksika, Dene)


"If we don’t take care of mother earth, how are they

going to live? Regardless of what cultures we came from, 

we all came from mother earth."

(Dennis Banks, Anishinaabe)


"The interdependance of all beings in the creation"

(Lee Hartline, Vancouver) 


“We Love This Coast”

(Anonymous, San Juan Islands)


"Killer whales of the pacific north west are some of the

most contaminated marine mammals in the world"

Kurt Russo, Lummi Nation)


"The waves of life and the boat of fait will sail you to your destiny"

(Eliza F. Julins, Lummi Nation)


“If we take respectful care of the tree,

it will shelter and protect us”

(Earline & Payton, Lummi Nation)


"The gifts of the creator that sustains our people-these

four chiefs stepped forward to feed the people physically &

spiritually-tied to the earth"

(John Sirois and Marc Gauthier, Okanagan Wentachi Tribal Nation & Upper Columbia United Tribes Forestry)


"We are survivors--our traditions carry us on this journey"

(Shasta Cano-Martin, Lummi Nation)


"My existence is my resistence"

(Patricia Allen, Tlingit Mohawk)


"The mountain goat was our people. This relative was

moccassins, a wool blanket for warmth, a rattle and drum

for ceremony, and milk for quenching our thirst. We use

every part of the mountian goat"

(Ramona Charles, Lummi Nation)


"Children are the backbone of our families we must restore

their innocence just the same as we can restore mother

earth to where she used to be."

(Clayton Aubichan, Cree Nation)


"We are care takers and we have a responsibility.

We are from the mother earth."

(Al, Beaver Lake Cree Nation)


"The thunderbird is the healing energy that

our spirit helpers bring"

(Lacy MD, Saulteaux)


"Creator, grandfather, grandmother, ancestors guide us.

Keep us strong for the world to hear our voices.

To keep mother earth healthy -Then we'll all be healthy."

(Deanna D. George, Tsleil-Waututh Nation)


“Know who you are and where you come from so you

know where you are going”

(Anonymous, Yakama Nation)


“Thank you for accepting this totem pole. Its about

protecting mother earth and her power to reproduce”

(Jewel James, Lummi Nation)


“The destruction for the earth, of the animals, of the fish,

of the birds, and human beings has to stop now.

Its time for you to stand up for something. Warrior up”

(Ta’ah Amy George, Tsleil Waututh)


“The little ones are getting pneumonia, ear infection, eye infection, and their lungs are breathing carbon monoxide 24/7. They said dont bath your baby more than two minutes in the poison water. And this hurt my heart so bad.”

(Ta’ah Amy George, Tsleil Waututh)


"Our elders asked us to listen to our songs, stories,

and legends with our heart. The message will be with you

always. We need to hear the messages of mother earth

with our hearts"

(Anonymous, Yakama Nation)


"Patience and attentiveness are vital in nature and the

only way to spot the fox in the wild is to practice both"

(Kyle Shields T’alipah, Yamaka Nation)


"The Sleeping gaint is a population, politically disenfranchised,

who awaken to endanger the establishment.

The green man is nature, the common folk, and May Day.

Infinite rebirth, and the enlargement of all things."

(Ezra Bloom & Jennifer O’keeffe, Irish &

Ukrainian Anarchist, Vancovuer)


"Comes to those who seek healing & prayers, this dancer is

gifted to help open the door to the spirit world and speaks

to the Great Mystery on behalf of the ones who need healing"

(Adrian LeChance, Plains Cree)


"It is a gift from the Creator and represents the heartbeat

of Mother Earth, we sing to honor acknowledge for healing

prayers as well as request special intentions"

(Bronson LeChance, Plains Cree)


“Allow yourself to participate in the endless beauty of life”

(Cynthia Updegrave, Seattle)


“Enough (greed) is enough”

(Anonymous, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation)


"Only when the last tree has been out, when the last fish has

been caught, when the last river has been poisoned--only

then will you realize money cannot be eaten" --Kiitamatsin (Blackfoot for until our paths cross again)

(Summer Stonechild, Cree/Blackfoot)


“May we deliver the earth safely to future generations”

(Anonymous, San Juan Islands)


"A journey of a thousand miles can begin with one step"

(Brenna Cey, Beaver Lake Cree Nation)

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